E.P.D.M Seals

Product Information

Sealing and Hardware Solution’s range of self-adhesive E.P.D.M. seals offers low closing force, high performance sealing solutions for use in glazing or weather seal joints.

The adhesive system is formulated for use on wood, P.V.C and painted surfaces making these seals ideal for a wide range of application.


• Made from extruded, foamed Ethylen Propylene Diene Monomer (E.P.D.M.)
• Closed cell foamed extrusion with a skinned surface.
• Working temperature range. -400C to + 600C.
• Application temperature. > 50C.
• Adhesive strip has an embedded anti stretch mesh to assist application.
• Closed cell and skinned construction forms an excellent barrier to air and water infiltration. Water absorption < 3% according to ASTM D 1056.
• Resistance to Environmental ageing is very good.
• Resistance to Ozone. No cracking at 50 +/- 5% pphm. 20% extension. @ 380C for 70 hrs. ISO 1431-2.
• Resistance to Uv Light. Very good.

COLOURS. Available in White, Brown and Black.

STORAGE. Max temp 250C. Max Humidity 70%. No direct sunlight. Shelf life 1 year from production date.

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