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Temperature Range: -40 to +70 Degrees Centigrade.
Compression Set: < 15%.
Uv Stability: 5000 hrs QUV tester. UVB 313 bulb. (4hrs light 4hrs dark cycle).
Paint and Stain Resistance: Not affected by spirit based paints.

Outer skin: Polyethylene. (Properties include: inert, low friction, Uv stable, colour options).
Foam Core: Polyurethane. (Properties include: excellent memory over extended temp range).
Inserts: Polypropylene (Properties include: longitudinal stability and secure fixing).

• TECHFOAM will perform beyond the “working range” grades set out in BS EN 12365. (5th digit of classification). Contact Sealing and Hardware Solutions for advice if you find BS EN12365 too limiting for your application.
• BS EN 123565 Part 4 test method (recovery after accelerated ageing) cannot be applied to FOAMTECH materials hence the “0” last digit in each classification. TECHFOAM recovery after accelerated ageing is typically > 85%


All measurements are given in millimeters (mm).
For detailed measurements and box sizes please see the datasheet.
If there is not a datasheet or you require further details please do not hesitate to contact us.
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